Laurie Schur became a speaker about aging out of her work on The Beauty of Aging Documentary Project and her background as a psychotherapist. She discovered that people are interested in learning the “secrets” of aging well and she was excited to share what she knew. The women in the film project beautifully model many of the traits that research has shown contribute to longevity and well being in the older years. The 35-minute documentary short “Greedy for Life” on Shirley and Lavada has become an invaluable teaching tool for opening up discussions about what it takes to age with grace and a beautiful spirit. Among the places where Laurie has presented are:

  • The American Society on Aging
  • The Positive Aging Conference
  • The American Association of Service Workers
  • Mt. St. Mary’s College
  • The Jewish Home for Aging
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Santa Monica City Emeritus College
  • Women’s Salons

Several organizations and colleges have purchased “Greedy for Life” for use in their libraries or classrooms and have found it a good teaching tool for their purposes as well.

Laurie has also created interactive gatherings called Wisdom Circles which offer the opportunity to sit in circle with others in order to share their wisdom about aging.

To book a speaking engagement or to schedule a Wisdom Circle for your group or organization, please contact Laurie at or (310) 600-0596.