The Beauty of Aging documentary Project explodes myths about aging with stories of active, extraordinary American women over 80.

There's a mythical age past which women are supposedly headed downhill. But the extraordinary women in our films are so engaged in their activities, curiosity, creativity, and wisdom they're redefining old age. As part of the fastest growing population in America, these women forge a new trail for others.

Current research on aging tells us that seeing positive images is good for our health and that optimism contributes to our longevity. The women in The Beauty of Aging Documentary Project are exciting examples of this new research. They show us through their creativity, sense of purpose and fearlessness, how to stay engaged in living despite life's challenges.

The films in this project honor the older, older women, seeing them as the wise elders that they are. Women of all ages can learn and be inspired by their stories.

Greedy for Life is our first release from The Beauty of Aging documentary project. The film is a 35-minute short about two of the women, Shirley and Lavada. A documentary short about Hedda Bolgar is available for viewing on this website under the "Hedda" tab. 

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